About Junk Party

Junk Party jewelry and accessories are handmade in Cleveland, Ohio. Junk Party transforms old cords, cables and wires into fun, party time jewelry. 

Each piece is carefully created using materials that may otherwise go to a landfill. Reducing waste is essential to our mission. Junk Party displays are made from salvaged resources and we package and ship with reused materials that are all biodegradable.

Outsourced findings are carefully researched and chosen based on sturdiness as well as companies that provide fair labor wages. As a small business, we strive to support and buy from other small businesses.


After spending much of her 20s traveling around the world with one backpack and no hairbrush, Marseille Markham landed in New York City in 2010. There she was quickly forced to take a good on paper job in the UN Plaza to pay rent. She didn't find happiness in NYC til she quit her soul crushing j